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Dyslexia can be corrected – information is the key

Confused reader - everyone else gets it, why can't I?

This is not true, but for a person struggling with dyslexia, this mindset quickly eats away at their self-esteem.

Because a person must have an above average IQ to be dyslexic, in reality all dyslexics are smart it’s just that they learn in a different way from others.

What’s this gift of dyslexia? “Yeah right,” I hear you say. “There is no gift with dyslexia.” But it’s true. This gift is found in the way the dyslexic mind works. It is a mind of enormous imagination, amazing inventions and real creativity. In fact, many of the world's most talented people are dyslexic, as are many of our leaders, inventors and artists.

Although many recognize this gift, they don't realise that their own multi-dimensional thinking style is the cause of the talent AND the cause of their difficulties with the written word. To understand this is the key to overcoming dyslexia.

Teachers are taught that if a child doesn’t learn it’s because they are a poor teacher or the child is dumb or doesn’t want to learn. I have yet to meet a child who does not want to learn. The appearance of this attitude is one of the many masks for their difficulties with learning.

But what if there is a different answer to why a child isn’t learning? What if it’s because their mind does not work the way the education system is designed to teach? The system does a really good job of teaching those who think with the sounds of words. However picture thinkers who cannot easily adapt to this method are missing out severely. What if we designed the education system to work WITH these minds?

The Davis methods have been designed to use the picture-thinking strength of the dyslexic individual to overcome the problem rather than hammering away at the weakness. It’s like we decide not to row across the Pacific Ocean, rather let’s fly!

Davis Dyslexia Correction programme for learning difficulties

Over the past 30 years, Davis Programmes have helped thousands of people overcome learning difficulties associated with dyslexia allowing them to progress in the education system and in the workplace. There are now over 400 facilitators offering help to adults and children in 40 countries across the globe making this the most widely used dyslexia correction program in the world.

Wellington Learning Solutions is a proud provider of the Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme since 2007 helping people to overcome their learning difficulties by using their natural visual-spatial skills with techniques that promote learning that sticks.

Do you want to find out more? Call Margot today on 04 478 2208 (or 021 673 119) or email Wellington Learning SolutionsWellington Learning Solutions to arrange a free initial consultation with a licensed Davis facilitator.

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