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Dave (plumber)

I could hardly read at all before I started the programme. For the first time, I finished a book without getting frustrated or angry. I pinched a book from primary school because I wanted to read it and now over 30 years later I can read it. I can read the texts my girlfriend sends me too. I am more mellow now and starting to be me again. I’ve found myself! This course works - better than anything else I’ve tried.

Charmaine (teacher)

I don’t have the nerves I used to have and I’m sleeping better and listening better. I have more self assurance, self belief and confidence now. I have more direction of where I want to go.

Harry (8 years)

I’ve gotten a lot better with everything — Science, topics and staying on task.

He doesn’t need to be on medication anymore. It’s great to see his personality back.

Harry’s Mum

The change in this boy is huge. Before medication he was very difficult to manage and while medication worked for a while his personality disappeared. It’s great to see the old Harry back but without the behavioural problems. He is staying on task a lot better.

Penny, SPELD tutor

Chris (15 years)

Before I did the programme I was getting “Not Achieved” for my NCEA level 1 papers. I knew I could do better and have since met my goal of getting “Merit” for them. I have since passed Level 2 & 3 NCEA. Thank you, Margot.

I could not believe the change in the work Chris submitted after the programme so I had his paper marked by another teacher. He had improved from “Not Achieved” to nearly “Merit”. His confidence markedly improved and he was quietly shining.

Mrs P, English teacher